Wednesday, January 17

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The Superfan returns...

The Hawks posted a couple of nice wins in their last 2 games. It is not a coincidence that they are the healthiest they've been all season. When this team has everybody playing they are not to be taken lightly. Depending on where you live, the AP article covering the Hawks win over the Celtics had the headline of "Hawks blow lead, still beat Celtics," or "Lowly Hawks Beat Celtics". That's right, the team with the better record is "Lowly". Please. This team has been decimated by injuries. I think the start of the season is still a better representation of this team.

All that being said, Shelden Williams is killing this team. Lorenzen Wright is killing this team. Marvin Williams is KILLING this team. Well, Marvin's shooting is killing this team. How many times can you go 3 for 12, Marvin? At some point don't you start passing a little more?

Josh Childress is vital to the Hawks. If I went out and bought a jersey today it would be his, but he's also the most likely to be traded player (since every team wants him and he doesn't start). The man doesn't crack the starting lineup, but he is the perfect 6th man. He can take over for anyone's position and the team gets better. His basketball IQ is through the roof, and for all the cracks I make about his athleticism (and the UGLIEST shot I've ever seen), he is more aggressive with the ball than anyone else on the team. He rebounds HARD. He takes it to the hoop STRONG. He will defend every shot he can. If Marvin Williams played the way Childress does, he would be a second string All-Star today, and an MVP within 5 years. Marvin is smart, too, so let's hope he picks up on it.

The Hawks play Minnesota tonight, then the "Lowly" Charlotte Hornets the next 2 games. Let's get 3 wins and start thinking about .500, which is a reasonable and reachable goal for the season.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Boston fans booed Josh Smith before the game against the Celtics but he talked about the middle finger problem to a Boston reporter. Sounds like someone learned his lesson!

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