Tuesday, December 11

.500 (Free Mike Vick)

My wife is approximately 9 months pregnant, so you will forgive my lack of posting thus far. After a decent game in which the Hawks beat an Orlando that looked like what people thought they would like in the pre-season, there are many reasons to be optimistic.

  • I've made the leap from ESPN.com to NBA.com for the recap/boxscore of Hawks' games. It's a much cleaner website, no popups, more complete boxscore, etc. Try it out if you haven't already.
  • The Hawks are still not shooting well. Don't let this 4-1 run make you forget about the Hawks' offensive woes. If the Hawks did a better job of rebounding, those 4 wins would have been blowouts.
  • Anthony Johnson has been a serviceable point guard the last few games.
  • The Hawks defense is getting better. They are playing team defense like I've never seen. They still break down during games and are weak against penetrating guards, but it's fun to watch.
  • I'm not convinced Josh Smith "gets it" yet, but the kid has too much talent for his own good. He's been attacking the basket more during these past few games and he's been getting his points (even though his shooting is still atrocious).
  • Joe Johnson: you can make it to the playoffs and win in the playoffs with this team. Step up and be a leader and take these guys to the promised land.


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