Thursday, February 1

Hot Dog!

The Atlanta Hawks just posted their first winning month in 3 years! That would also be Mike Woodson's first winning month with the team.

How did they do it? On the strength of strong long-range shooting, making 11 out of 27 shots from behind the arc. Kid Dy-no-mite (cough cough allstar) led the scoring, but Josh #1 led the team: 23 points, 8 boards, 7 dishes and 2 steals. That is ridiculous.

Marving "Sexual Healing" Williams gets an Attaboy for taking 10 shots and making 7 of them, instead of the usual 7 misses. Maybe he likes an uptempo game?

The team showed just how much they love to run last night. I think we all agree that the speed and athleticism is there, but to be a running team you need solid teamwork and excellent discipline. The Hawks don't have that every night, but they are getting there.

Side note: Al Harrington lost in his return to Atlanta after being traded from a team that put him "back on national TV and back with a franchise that wins basketball games". Oops.


Anonymous Chase said...

Can't wait to meet ya bud! Look for me I'll be the only exhausted guy from Maine who was crazy enough to drive 20 hours to get to the game! :p

5:07 PM  

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