Tuesday, December 11

Status of Atlanta Spirit - Steve Belkin Dispute

Check back here for the latest in the Atlanta Spirit LLC - Steve Belkin dispute:

On September 11, 2007, all previous rulings were thrown out by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, and a lower Maryland court now has to take up the case. In all likelihood, there will be a trial where both sides get to present all of the facts, but at this point the only resolution is that either Belkin gets bought out or the other side gets bought out. Belkin would like to either buy out the other owner's at cost (really cheap) or get bought out at a high value (hundreds of millions of dollars, instead of the $11 million he invested). The other owners appear to want to hold onto the team, and are just fighting to buy out Belkin for a reasonable amount.

9/11/2007: A recap from Tim Tucker at the AJC:

Good for a laugh:

2 years ago Belkin looked like a genius when Boris Diaw was playing like a man inspired. Now that Diaw has fallen off, the Hawks look like they got a fair deal on the Joe Johnson trade.


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