Monday, February 5

I take back everything bad I ever said about Tyronne Lue

Another big milestone that shouldn't have to be a milestone for the Hawks: the first 3 game road winning streak in 6 years or something. Like the accuracy?

They could use a little more separation in the standing- Charlotte and Milwaukee also have 18 wins, but have one and two more losses, respectively. Looking at the teams ahead of them, it's hard to say who should be there and who shouldn't. I don't think the Hawks will catch Miami (currently 8th), but somebody else could fall out. Orlando? Toronto? Indiana? Miami might fall off if Wade gets hurt- look out for a back strain in a few weeks, because he is carrying his team right now.

In other news, I will be attending tonight's Lakers game as a guest of the Atlanta Hawks. A bunch of local sports bloggers got the invite, so I don't feel super special. I'll try to put a recap up tomorrow (or tonight if I'm totally jazzed).


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