Thursday, December 20

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Playing the Miami Heat

I can only guess at the pain of Dallas fans, considering how mad I still am over a regular season game the Hawks won against the Heat. It's difficult to watch Dwyane Wade and company get call after call, even when they have fallen to being one of the worst teams in league. The overtime call against Marvin Williams AKA Sexual Healing on Wade's fadeaway (an amazing shot that he nailed) was the worst- replays show Marvin didn't touch him, and from the side view it wasn't even close. I don't know how Sexual Healing kept his composure, either he had seen so many awful calls that he wasn't phased or he is just an uber professional. I'm not sure if I'm impressed or disappointed that a chair wasn't thrown onto the court. Seriously man, the Heat had 49 free throw attempts.

The Hawks did not give up, and I feel bad for thinking they would. They just tried harder, played better, and made big time shots. Anthony Johnson is flat out earning his money right now. Josh Smith practically disappeared last night and this team still put the hammer down in OT. The Hawks dominated the boards, grabbing nearly 80% on defense and 34% on offense! They shot 53.2% from the floor and made 86% of their free throws! They had 28 assists against 15 turnovers! How did they not win this game by 30 points? Oh yeah, 49 free throw attemps. Weak. The Heat can suck it.


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