Thursday, February 15

All Star In My Heart

Kid Dy-no-mite stepped on Jason Kidd with a hob-nailed boot and made the All-Star game. Does this get recorded any different in the books, or is it just "2006-2007: Joe Johnson"? Might be nice to add it to the banner.

After finding out the good news, the Hawks beat a depleted Clippers squad with a comeback that was nicely covered by Sekou. The Hawks shot terribly, but they managed 9 more shots and 6 more free throw attemps than the Clippers, thanks to a big advantage on offensive boards. Zaza had 7 offensive boards, so he gets my Box Score Hero award for the night.

Going into the break, the Atlanta Hawks are 21-31, and have won 6 out of their last 10, a pace I think they can keep up. If they do, they will finish around 39-43 and will likely miss the 8th playoff spot by 2 games. It could be a pretty fun end of the season for a change, though.


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