Sunday, December 23

Claxton is Done

Absolutely shocking news: "Speedy" (and I use the term loosely) Claxton is done for the season, possibly forever. I can't say I am shocked in any way. Although Sekou says "[Claxton's] signing was hailed as the answer to the Hawks' point guard woes," there was more than a handful of dissent on that point. The guy hasn't ever been healthy, and he's almost 30. Just last week I was musing as to the mystery of Claxton's whereabouts, and now it's out in the open. He is definitely out for the season to get surgery on his knee.

No word on the Atlanta Spirit getting a second opinion on Billy Knight's brain before deciding to operate. The diagnosis on his mysterious "dead check-writing hand" syndrome is also inconclusive at this time.

The bright side is that the Hawks might be able to get Claxton's contracts off the books if he takes a medical retirement. Sekou says that his contract would come off the cap at the end of next year, but this thread from RealGM disagrees. Technically, Speedy's last game as a Hawk came last March. Even though he hasn't retired yet, and even though he played a couple of pre-season games, that period of play is considered as the beginning of his injury time. It seems likely that his contract would come off the books as of March of 2008, which means the Hawks could pursue a big time free agent (like Josh Smith or Josh Childress) next summer.


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