Tuesday, January 8

Mike Conley Era Begins

Mike Conley has been officially named the starter for the Memphis Grizzlies, so Atlanta fans get another chance to play "what could have been." Damon Stoudamire got bumped to the #3 point guard, and Billy Knight immediately offered him a a 3 year, $17 million deal.

Don't get me wrong, I think Horford over Conley was the right call (very close, though). However, that might have something to do with the fact that Conley has hardly played at all this season. If he starts putting up double digit assist numbers, I'm going to start complaining about Acie Law.


Blogger Bret LaGree said...

It would have been disastrous to approach the '07 Draft primarily in reaction to the mistakes of '05 (not trading down and gaining an extra pick) and '06 (drafting Shelden Williams 5th).

I think Al Horford's a better basketball player than Mike Conley but if they're equally good, I suspect it'll be easier (cheaper?) to find a pretty good point guard to play alongside Horford than it would have been to find a pretty good big man to play alongside Conley.

9:45 AM  
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Anonymous Billy said...

Maybe I'll be proven wrong later, but I'm pretty confident that I wouldn't trade Horford for Conley... or a lot of people for that matter.

I only trade Horford for an older ELITE player if they would immediately make our team championship contenders (but I don't know if there is any).

I only trade Horford honestly for young, soon-to-be elite players such as CP3, LeBron, Dwight Howard.

There is an obvious few as well.

or maybe I'm just extremely high on Al Horford lol.

3:26 AM  

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