Monday, June 19

Predraft Report

Sekou Smith at the AJC lets us in on the Hawks plans to workout a trio of points today. Thanks to UConn Husky Hoops for picking it up.

So the Hawks will get to see a new Williams up and close, as well as Randy Foye and Rajon Rondo, who's draft stock is inexplicably rising. A quick peek at his history and stats brings up some points of interest:

  • Teammate of Josh 2 at Oak Hill

  • Set the assist record at Oak Hill Academy (27!), then broke it (31!!!)

  • NBADraft.Net comparable player: Mookie Blaylock!

  • Also from "He has a scorers mentality, but also passes the ball well especially on the dribble drive."

  • Stats at UK don't look good: points and assists went up between his first and second years, but so did turnovers. Steals dropped, as did his shooting percentage.

  • Shoots the COLLEGE 3 worse than everyone on the Hawks except for Marvin Williams. (also dropped)

  • Shoots free throws at an abysmal 57% (also dropped)

So, a long story short- it looks like Rondo made good use of his 2 years at Kentucky by working on taking more shots. The AJC article quotes his agent as saying Rondo has a higher ceiling, but Williams is going to make a bigger immediate impact. Rondo's ceiling isn't nearly high enough to warrant drafting another project, not to mention it would be ridiculous to draft him with the 5th pick

The most depressing part of the article is how the Hawks have indicated they may take Sheldon Williams, which I have already said would be a horrible mistake. Sekou doesn't say it explicitly, but by mentioning Sheldon's height (6'8") he says what we already know: THE HAWKS DON'T NEED ANOTHER FREAKING FORWARD. Not to mention our new insistence on only drafting guys named Josh or Williams.


Blogger HawkLawya said...

Nice post.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Hobo of Biblical Proportions said...

Williams is a nice player... a potential 15 - 10 guy. But I agree, we don't need him. Didn't the guy get into foul trouble at Duke nearly every game?

10:58 AM  

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