Friday, January 11

A Do-Over? Is This 2nd Grade? WTF?!!!


The Hawks will replay the last 51.9 seconds of their game against the Miami Heat. In a slightly new twist, Hawks' scoring officials are bearing the brunt of the blame for incorrectly assigning a foul to Shaq, who later fouled out. Although a far more detailed breakdown is necessary, this still seems extraordinarily weak. The Heat did not appear to have a problem when Shaq fouled out, although the Stern says in the AJC article that the scoring crew "failed to respond effectively when the members of the statistician's crew noticed the mistake."

Can this franchise sink any lower? Would this have happened if the Heat had won? I doubt it. If it comes out that Atlanta personnel knowingly allowed the error to go uncorrected, people should be fired. Mistakes can be tolerated, but dishonesty should not be tolerated.

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest this comes down to some more Dwyane Wade free throws.

Did I mention:
Sweet Jesus, I Hate Playing the Miami Heat.


Anonymous Melvin said...

Yeah actually that was really insane. the hawks are just too unlucky this year (again)

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