Sunday, April 27


Jeff- to paraphrase Tatum O'Neal in Paper Moon (caught it on TCM last night), if you don't got my 300 words, then get 'em.

Ridiculous game last night from Josh Smith and the Hawks. The team was fired up and could do no wrong, it seemed. The Celtics were terrible on offense and the Hawks finally made some shots- although I think every shot that didn't go in was either an air ball or clanged off the side of the rim. Seriously, shots were either fantastic or horrendous.

Does anybody else get a weird vibe from the Joe Johnson - Mike Bibby relationship? It looks like Joe didn't want to give it up to Bibby, and didn't want him taking the ball up the court, either. Consequently, Bibby ended up having to force some shots to try and stay in the rhythm- it was weird.

Let's be honest- Josh Smith isn't going to play like that every night. And every Hawks fan out there knows he's going to keep hoisting those shots, though.

I thought the biggest key to last night was the Hawks best 5 guys playing for a long stretch in the third quarter, and they finished with the most number of minutes- Joe Johnson, Al Horford, Josh Smith, Josh Childress and Mike Bibby (they were each over +13). Bring in Marvin (-9) to rest any player on that squad, with the occasional Pachulia or Law sighting, and you've got a decent team that can compete.

Hoopinion must have been happy to see Solomon Jones get on the court at the end of the 3rd quarter to give up an easy bucket at the buzzer. You can take the Woodson out of the something or other, but you can't take the something or other out of the Woodson.


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