Thursday, April 3


T. J. Ford got robbed last night- the clock clearly started early, but from what the NBA explained to Hollinger last night, they can't review that part of the shot. At least this one is on the official, not the bungling Atlanta scoring crew. Ford could have scored on a layup whenever he wanted last night, so I'm not sure how the Raptors lost. Give it up for Atlanta, Mike Bibby seems to be fitting in with the offense and they looked more cohesive than I've seen all season. Granted, if Josh Smith doesn't nail those 2 three pointers I would be talking about what a freaking idiot he is and how much this team stinks.

Update: Al Horford breaks TJ Ford again. Horford claims he tipped the inbounds pass (I believe him, it looked like it might have happened in the replays but we never got a definitive angle), which would mean any protest is moot and the officials started the clock LATE. Ruling the basket good would have been a tragedy of immeasurably proportions.

Playoffs? For those of you who don't know, the Indiana Pacers are about to go on a tear. Here are their remaining games: @Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Atlanta, @Philly, Charlotte, @Washington, NY. They could easily win every single one of those and it wouldn't even be impressive. If the Hawks don't make the playoffs, though, they will deserve the perfect storm of Hatin' that will descend upon them like a plague of locusts.

I love that first round playoff tickets are on sale, though. Get them now so that you don't have to wait behind the 2 other guys in line right before the playoff games start. The announced attendance last night was 14K, but that can't possibly be accurate unless they are also including hot dogs in that count. I would be interested to see a comparison of actual attendance vs. announced attendance. I would also be interested to see a comparison of Sky Hawk's foot on Mike Woodson's ass in a few weeks. Could the man be less excited about his present and future? He needs to stop shaving until the Hawks are officially eliminated from the playoffs- that is the only way I will consider saving him.


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