Friday, February 29

Mike Woodson Cannot Be Fired


Sekou reports that Billy Knight has tried to get Mike Woodson fired THREE TIMES THIS SEASON, but was rebuffed by ownership. I'm... I'm just in shock, frankly.

A few quick thoughts:
  • The Hawks ownership situation is even worse than I thought. What kind of GM needs permission from ownership to fire the coach? How could the owners possibly want to keep Woodson? I mean, we all agreed that there was no reason for him to be coaching the team and that Billy Knight was a loon for not firing him, so doesn't the same logic need to apply to the owners? Why the hell would they not want to fire Woodson?
  • What if Billy Knight isn't a horrible GM? What if he wanted to draft Chris Paul and never liked Shelden Williams? Sure, every quote he's given supports that he wanted the guys he got, so maybe he is as bad as we think he is, but this story has to shake that foundation, doesn't it? I mean, if this was a trial and we were trying to prove that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt... well, this is some pretty reasonable doubt. I don't think I can say with absolute certainty that Billy Knight sucks.
  • If Mike Woodson doesn't resign after this, there is no way this team keeps playing hard him. For the sake of argument, assume that the team is currently playing hard for him. He has to go, right? How could you stay when you know your boss tried to fire you? Several times!!!
  • Finally, even Billy Knight agrees with me: FIRE WOODSON!


Blogger eric said...

I really hope that he does get fired. He's a coach that does not play rookies that have proven to be amazing (Teague) and that does not know how to coach and offense. ISO?

3:11 PM  

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