Friday, February 22

Fire Woodson

I'm OK with losing those 2 games, but we lost like punks. There is absolutely nothing to indicate that things are any different than they were Before Bibby (BB). I mean, even Mark Bradley is nailing it:
Whenever a coach says his team wasn’t prepared or didn’t compete, he’s indicting himself. The First Rule of Coaching — it’s in all the manuals — is: Get your team ready. After nearly four seasons on the job, Woodson can’t even manage that much.
This criticism is absolutely valid. Can we take him Woodson seriously, or he is admitting that he sucks as a coach? Can we, as fans, pass any of this to the team? Why aren't they getting themselves ready? Is it really that hard? I played a lot of soccer in high school and college, but I never had a team mail in a game like the Hawks have been doing. I don't understand how they can suck so hard for long portions of the game, then immediately after the game turn around and say "yeah we sucked for long portions of the game."

FACT: you can control your own focus and intensity. What is wrong with this team that they seem unable to do so? It seems like everyone is unwilling to throw anyone else under the bus. At this point, I want to know who the hell the problem is. I want Joe Johnson to step up and say, "the strategy for this game was terrible, our coach doesn't know what he's doing." I would be just as happy with Woodson saying, "I spend all practice telling Josh Smith not to shoot the ball from 20+ feet unless he is wide open, but he does it anyway and hurts this team." We've heard the "we just didn't come ready to play" speech from everyone: Joe Johnson, Josh Childress, Coach Woodson, Josh Smith- that is the worst excuse I've ever heard, and I'm going to start calling people out for it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, woodson is not a strong coach, but if you look at it more closely, it interesting when MARVIN WILLIAMS is on the court, our + - as a team is horrible. When he is playing, we overall player much WORSE than when we haev a lineup that doesnt include him. He is a 6'10 jump shooter and a 45 percent shooter, who is not using his body to his advantage. i know that eventually he will come off the bench or get traded. he doesnt have the desire or ANY inside post game. Besides him I REALLY FEEL GOOD ABOUT THIS TEAM> IF WE PLAY HIM FEWER MINUTES, TRUST ME WE HAVE THE BEST CHANCE OF WINNING>

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