Tuesday, February 19

Get Excited

Bibby sat courtside until getting the go-ahead to join his new teammates. The minute he got on the floor, the tenor of the session changed dramatically.

The Hawks' pick-and-roll sets got sharper instantly. The little inside passes in transition that rarely found their mark before were on the money now. Bibby waited all of 15 seconds to start leading, playfully chiding Josh Smith and Al Horford to "run with me, run with me" on a fast break during part of the full-court scrimmage portion of practice.

"We got to look every chance we get, even the little creases, he'll find you," Smith said. "He sees the opening even before it happens. I'm not used to that."

Bibby said his teammates better get used to it, because they're going to see heavy doses of it every night.

"I told them I'm going get it to them," Bibby said after practice. "One of my strong assets is being a strong shooter, so I have to shoot it to be a threat. I'm going to shoot it sometimes. But I'm not going to shoot it every time. I've got a lot of young horses out here, so I'm going to get it to them."

If you didn't just pee your pants a little, you are dead inside and unworthy of being a Hawks fan.


Blogger Drew Ditzel said...

If peeing in your pants is cool...

I am going to be a tired boy tomorrow because i will be at taco mac at 10:30 tonight.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, woodson is not a strong coach, but if you look at it more closely, it interesting when MARVIN WILLIAMS is on the court, our + - as a team is horrible. When he is playing, we overall player much WORSE than when we haev a lineup that doesnt include him. He is a 6'10 jump shooter and a 45 percent shooter, who is not using his body to his advantage. i know that eventually he will come off the bench or get traded. he doesnt have the desire or ANY inside post game. Besides him I REALLY FEEL GOOD ABOUT THIS TEAM> IF WE PLAY HIM FEWER MINUTES, TRUST ME WE HAVE THE BEST CHANCE OF WINNING>

10:17 AM  

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