Friday, February 8

New Stat Achievement

Josh Smith has suddenly decided to stop shooting so many jumpers and just go crazy around the glass. As a result, he has had back-to-back games with ridonculous statistics:

Sixers (2/4): 19/9/6/9/4
Lakers (2/6): 17/9/9/5/2

Neither one of these qualifies as a "Triple-Double" or even a "Double-Double", but they are so far out that they deserve some kind of nickname. After much thought, I have come up with the following name:

The Blizzard

To achieve The Blizzard, a player must reach double digits in 1 category, at least 8 from 2 other categories and 5 from a 4th category. If a player also gets at least 2 of a 5th category, that is "The Blizzard (with nuts)". A player can get The Blizzard as well as a Triple-Double, but you might recount it like so: "Josh Smith finally got a Triple-Double with blocks as one the 3 doubles last night- but the mofo also had The Blizzard because he had 6 assists!"



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