Monday, February 4

BREAKING: Chris McCosky Sucks as a Writer

The Hawks are 19-24, have lost 7 of their last 10, and are barely holding on to the #7 spot in the East. The Hawks have been called many things, but "well coached" has never been one of them.

Chris McCosky, a "writer" from Detroit, thinks that all criticism of Mike Woodson is unfair. I love that the title of his article refers to the Hawks coach as an "Ex-Piston assistant", as if that was the pinnacle of Woodson's career. We ran into the shoddy workmanship of Chris McCosky once before this season, but I am now calling for McCosky to resign. Need some evidence that McCosky stinks as a writer? He uses the following quote as proof that "Woodson still has the respect and ear of his players":
"Winning cures everything," Joe Johnson said. "We've just got to keep ourselves right there on that playoff race. That's the main thing.

"We know all that talk is out there. But we won with (Woodson) before and we can win now."

Wow, what a glowing vote of confidence from the team captain. NOT! Yeah, this team "can win" with Woodson as the coach, but if we want to do better than just making the playoffs with a somewhat talented, young, athletic team, Woodson needs to take his ball and go home. Maybe McCosky can come rub his shoulders and bake him some pie.


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