Friday, February 1

Unwanted Advice for Billy Knight, Atlanta Hawks Fans

There has been a lot of rumbling from the team and the coach that they are in need of "a shakeup". Billy Knight, you have made mistakes in the past, but if you mortgage even a piece of this team's future in order to make a trade, I will curse your name in every post for the rest of this blog. For example: sacrificing anybody to bring in a veteran point guard would be horrifically stupid.

Atlanta Hawks fan: you think Jason Kidd (or anyone else out there) is going to get the Hawks a ring? After trading Josh Smith at least? Don't be a moron. If the Hawks give up any of the following for anybody that is over 28 or is overpaid, they are fools: Josh Smith, Josh Childress, Al Horford, Marvin Williams. I didn't include Joe Johnson because there is a 0% chance he will be traded. Yeah, we might lose a Josh next year to free agency, but we might not. I'm OK with trading those guys, but only if the trade will help this team for several years. We aren't winning the championship this year for sure, and probably not next year. If Joe Johnson is the only "elite" player on this team we will never do much better than we are now. Josh Smith and Marvin Williams have the chance at becoming elite players, but that's a big fat question mark right now.

The best way BK can shake up this team: FIRE MIKE WOODSON. If it is possible to motivate this team and get them focused, Woodson sure had his chance and FAILED COMPLETELY. For whatever reason, this team is awful at staying focused and getting up for games. The players have to bare some responsibility, but Woodson is flat out awful. Hoopinion has utterly convinced me that Woodson is an awful in-game coach and has no business being the man with this team. Are there any more Van Gundys out there?

And when you're done with that, RESIGN. You aren't the worst GM in the world, and in fact have done a pretty good job of not signing bad contracts (Speedy Claxton and Lorenzen Wright were bad, but not killers). The drafting has been adequate, but your stubborn refusal to draft for need is the reason we have Marvin Williams instead of MVP Chris Paul. Yes, that one decision should be enough to force you to resign. This team desperately needed a high quality point guard, and you passed over one of the all time greats (and another really good guy too) to get a swingman the team didn't need, who is only now beginning to contribute at a professional level.

Steve Belkin AND Atlanta Spirit: You suck and are killing this team. Please sell the team to a responsible owner who isn't a complete freaking moron, and take your original percentages of investment and walk away. At some point a judge is going to offer to slice Joe Johnson in half, but it looks both of you would be happy with that deal. This franchise doesn't need the crap that is continually raining on it from your squabble.

I'm absolutely convinced that the handful of Hawks bloggers could run this team if you give us a chance.


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