Thursday, February 14

Fire Everyone

Go read this AJC article from Sekou right now. He talks to a scout who should've been the Hawks' GM. The guy is spot on, but here are a few money quotes:
Josh, Horford and Joe Johnson are keepers. That’s your core. Everybody else … well, I can see you moving just about anybody else on that roster to get what you need to get better.


And yeah, the easy answer is the Hawks should have drafted Chris Paul instead of Marvin Williams, Brandon Roy instead of Shelden Williams and the top of the Eastern Conference would be Boston, Detroit, Atlanta and then everybody else. There’s no doubt about that.
Marvin Williams is making it really hard for me to not hate on him right now. 3 for 14 against Charlotte? 2 boards? Awful, just awful. I'm ready to move him now, too. I'm tired of damn project players. The Hawks need to move past that. Re-sign Josh Smith- I am convinced, like the Scout, that Smith would be one of the top players in the NBA if he was on another team. I'm not saying that from a PR / respect standpoint, I'm saying he would be putting up better numbers and improving even more if he was playing on a good team with good players.

It's painfully clear that Billy Knight needs to go and take Mike Woodson with him.

Update/PS: Congratulations from the Atlanta Hawks Blog to Carlos Boozer, who posted The Blizzard with a Triple-Double last night (Points: 22, Reb: 11, Ast: 10, Stl: 5)!


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