Monday, April 21

Game 1 Breakdown

So, that kind of sucks. That's about the best the Hawks could play, I think. Their defense was the best it's been all year, but their shots weren't falling. Part of that could be jitters- it looks like Joe Johnson was pressing last night. Bibby was apparently dealing with a thigh injury, so he gets a pass. Josh Smith and Marvin Williams were their usual selves, shooting a combined 5-17. The Hawks held KG, Paul Pierce and Jesus to 18-43, so give credit where it's due.

Here is the post I expect to read on Hoopinion:
Josh Smith gets some credit for being yanked with 2 fouls in the first quarter and not returning until the second half. Does Mike Woodson ever learn? One of the best players on your team plays 24 minutes and finishes with 4 fouls? Inexcusable. He should be fired for sitting Smith for a quarter. Even if he was chucking up 22 footers. It was also great to see Mario West play the final 30 seconds of the first half, so that he could completely miss a wide open 12 footer at the buzzer. As we all know, the final 30 seconds don't actually count, though.


Anonymous Tito M. said...

Its not Joe Johnson,Josh Smith, or Al Horford. Those three guys are amazing. The problems for the hawks are the Point Guard and Small Forward or Mike Bibby and Marvin Williams those guys are over, Bibby is slow, inconsistent and pretty much a shooter not a point guard. Marvin is not going to get any better and does not spread the floor cause he has no shot! The ATLANTA HAWKS should trade, Sign, or Draft both a (POINT GUARD AND SMALL FORWARD). Trade Bibby, Marvin, Chilldress,Salomon Jones, Salim, Claxton,M.West, Future Draft Picks, and Money considerations, or even three way trades. Anything that can help build around these 3Stars. Jeremy Richardson and Z. Pachulia are the only talent to back these Big Three up. SF-Antawn Jamison, PG-Baron Davis,PG-Gilbert Arenas,SF-Ron Artest,PG-Chris Duhon, and SF-Shawn Marion are all FREE AGENTS next year. Its Time for change, Hawk FANS WE Demand and the General Manager should be a General make decisions and Supply.

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