Tuesday, April 29

Decent Win

The Celtics put up a good game, but the ending was what we all expected. Joe Johnson had a typical game, scoring 42 consecutive times in the 4th quarter on his way to 200 points. Josh Smith blocked a dozen 3 pointers, and decapitated Rajon Rondo at least twice by my count. The classic Hotlanta crowd was in attendance, cheering their butts off for the best team in the NBA.

You think Josh Smith cares that the Celtics are the best team in the NBA? Josh Smith doesn't give a rat's ass. He's at home right now eating ice cream and watching Judge Judy.

You think Al Horford cares about the Celtics? He's doing pushups right now, thinking about grabbing his own rebound and stuffing it in Paul Pierce's face.

You think Joe Johnson cares about the Celtics? He's hustling at a pool hall right now, sipping on bourbon while wearing a smoking jacket and talking to your mom on his cell phone.

You think Mike Woodson cares about the Celtics? He doesn't even know what team the Hawks are playing next. He can't believe the "let Joe Johnson dribble past everybody and score by himself" play worked 10 times in a row.

Above all else, last night was a really good game. I haven't had that much fun watching a Hawks game in years. The fact that they won was just bonus. I was a little embarrassed by the streamers coming down at the end of the game- I was hoping that the rules had changed, and that the underdog only needs to win 2 games in order to win the best-of-7 series, but apparently somebody still needs to win 2 more games. I'd like to see the Hawks hold their own again in game 6, but as always, we will see.

No matter what happens, the shine and swagger are gone from the Celtics. They may be the best team in the league, but they are going to have to earn the championship.


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