Monday, May 5

The most one-sided 7 game series ever

Is it possible for an underdog 8 seed to take a world class team to 7 games and be embarrassed? Yes we can! On the plus side, it's much easier to fire Woodson when the team took a dump like that in the final game. Guess what- when your only offense is generated in transition because your team is very young and athletic, but you have no half court offense and you can't stop great teams with your defense (even though your coach is a "defensive specialist", then you are not a good coach. Perhaps the NBA is not for you. At the very least, the Atlanta Hawks are not for you.

I would like to take a few moments to celebrate this Hawks team, however. This series was unexpected, to say the least. They deserve all the credit in the world for making the playoffs in a *cough cough* stacked Eastern Conference, but then to deliver this kind of entertainment to their fans... I'm not going to name names, because every player on the team busted their butts to try and win. I have nothing but respect for the players. Coach Woodson cares and he really did do his best, so he deserves some respect for that, too. Steve Belkin only deserves a pie in the face (along with the 2008 first round draft pick from Atlanta).

There's nothing I can say about the Celtics that Jeff at CelticsBlog hasn't said already. When they put their minds to it, they are an amazing team. Kevin Garnett does not deserve the rap that he gets- the man is an unbelievable player and the Hawks could not stop him. He could have scored 100 points a game if Doc Rivers had been smart enough to let him. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are not the players they once were, but what they are is still freaking good. Good luck to them- they may not lose another game until the finals, since Cleveland, Detroit and Orlando don't gt to play in Atlanta.

Hawks fans can do something they haven't been able to do in a long time- hold their head up high. If anyone says something about putting up the worst shooting percentage in a game 7 in the shot clock era, just mumble something about the coach and then start talking about Joe Johnson's performance in game 4.


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Clicking over from celticsblog...

As a Celtics fan, yes I agree, the Hawks have NOTHING to hang their heads about. Great series, and good luck in the future.

There is a lot of amazing talent on your team, from Joe Johnson (why can't we get players like that) on down thru smith, Childress, Bibby...and your coach.

I am still a bit disappointed the series went so many games, but hey...the Hawks are for real it appears.

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