Monday, May 12

Knight is Gone, What Next?

[You might have noticed the disgusting green background on the site for the last week. Say what you will about this blog, but I don't welch on bets. -Matt]

Billy Knight has resigned, effective July 1. Amazingly he leaves on a high note, having put together a pretty good 2007 about which I have no complaints. He had a great draft (picking the guys I wanted), made a smart trade for Bibby, and tried to fire Mike Woodson several times. All around, pretty good. With all the weirdness surrounding the ownership, I can't really blame Knight for not signing Josh Smith before the season started.

The most horrible of rumors has appeared in several places- Hollinger mentioned it online and Sekou talked about it in the AJC: Billy King might be the front runner for the GM position and Woodson might not be losing his job. Needless to say, that is probably the worst thing that could happen to this franchise. Wasn't Billy King FIRED for being a REALLY BAD GM? Didn't the Hawks only win 37 games with a roster that was able to take Boston the distance? I have no choice. I am going to have to track down Michael Gearon, Jr. and talk some sense into him.

Stay tuned, dear readers...


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